Terms and conditions of use

Dear Potential Wholesale Client,
Thank you for your interest in our products. We hold your business in high regard and as such, we carefully screen and approve wholesale account requests. This allows us to grow and create a program that creates the best opportunity to succeed for both our business and yours.

Please consider the following terms of our wholesale accounts, and if you are in agreement, complete and sign the application below. Once we determine that our interests are mutually beneficial, we'll send you our price list and other applicable information. We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.

From Artisan Macaron LLC Management


Your submission of a Wholesale Application indicates that you agree to the terms of the following Wholesale Agreement :


Wholesale customers may place wholesale orders with Artisan Macaron LLC but must first fill out the wholesale application form to be approved for a wholesale account.


Artisan Macaron LLC offers two wholesale account purchase options, based on volume, as outlined below. Once you establish your account at a certain level, you may change your wholesale account level by making the minimum initial order at the level required for the desired wholesale account. A11 subsequent orders must then match the minimum reorder for that level.

Wholesale Level 1

  • Minimum initial order $ 1,000
  • Minimum reorder $ 1,000

Wholesale Level2

  • Minimum initial order $ 3,000
  • Minimum reorder $ 2,000


All pricing is in United States Dollars (USD). When you order online you agree to pay
the stated price for the ordered products and applicable shipping charges.
Artisan Macaron LLC reserves the right to change pricing at Artisan Macaron LLC's
discretion and without notice.


No products or goods purchased from or produced by Artisan Macaron LLC shall be resold by or through any or online store without the express, written authorization of Artisan Macaron LLC. If you are planning to sell products produced by Artisan Macaron LLC in an online marketplace/store, it must be owned by you and listed on the wholesale application to be approved by Artisan Macaron LLC.


At this time, Artisan Macaron LLC is not extending credit terms, unless the wholesale customer is preapproved after a credit application is submitted to Artisan Macaron LLC. For wholesale customers who are not preapproved, orders must be accompanied by pre-payment that can be completed via Artisan Macaron LLC credit card online payment on our website. For orders over $1,000.00 Artisan Macaron LLC can accept a credit card via phone. Artisan Macaron LLC does not accept checks from non-preapproved wholesale customers.


Items will not be shipped until full payment is received. No COD orders. Artisan Macaron LLC uses USPS, FedF.x, or UPS Ground shipping, based on cost affordability, unless you specify/request a quicker mode of shipping. On all orders, Artisan Macaron LLC will include the cost of packaging materials and handling fees in any shipping total.


After receiving an order online, Artisan Macaron LLC will send an email confirmation containing the details of each order. Please acknowledge your agreement to the above terms and conditions by date and signing below: